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Business Outline

Koganei is the world’s top brand in the prototyping and processing the high-performance engine components. Starting with the precision machining of the engines at the heart of F1 and CART, we provide the high-precision parts to the top companies all over the world.

Factory Introduction

Head Office [Saitama Pref.]

Head Office [Saitama Pref.] Manufacturing iron rotating parts such as crankshafts and camshafts. Also developing aluminum wheels, CVT pulleys and small milled components. 360-1 Sayamagahara Iruma-city Saitama pref.
Telephone / Fax : +81 4-2935-2288 / +81 4-2935-2080

Maebashi Factory [Gunma Pref.]

Maebashi Factory [Gunma Pref.] Machining the aluminum castings such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, and transmissions. We also specialize in cutting both large and small parts. 2081 Yamakoda Shinto-mura Kitagunma-gun Gunma Pref.
Telephone / Fax : +81 279-54-3518 / +81 279-54-5292