Head Office,
Sayamadai Factory


Sayamadai 2nd Factory


Head office, Sayamadai factories facilities introduction

Manufacturing iron rotating parts such as crankshafts and camshafts.
Also developing aluminum wheels, CVT pulleys and small milled components.

Introduction of some of the facilities used in our Head office, Sayamadai factories.

Manufacturing Process : Pin Miller
Manufacturer : HELLER

The most suitable processing machine to grind the most difficult-to-cut materials from cylindrical rods. The first machine of its kind to arrive in Japan.

Manufacturing Process : Lathe Machining
Manufacturer : OKUMA

A machine that is perfect for prototypes of all kinds of rotating parts, from cranks and cams to things like aluminum wheels.

Manufacturing Process : Machining
Manufacturer : HOKOS

Drills oil holes using the latest iMQL machining method.

Manufacturing Process : Grinding
Manufacturer : KOPP

The grinder specifically for the race cams that are owned only by the world’s top manufacturers. The world’s first simultaneous five-axis cam grinding is made possible by this grinder.

Manufacturing Process : Measurement
Manufacturer : Mahr

Roundness measurement device specifically for the race components.

Manufacturing Process : Measurement
Manufacturer : HOMMEL

Axial-measurement device with the world’s top level of precision and measuring speed.