Business Outline

Origin of the high-performance machines.

KOGANEI is the world’s top brand in the prototyping and processing the high-performance engine components.
Starting with the precision machining of the engines at the heart of F1 and IndyCar, we provide the high-precision parts to the top companies all over the world.

It has been the core of KOGANEI's DNA to "achieve the world's top position in machining technology" since the founding of the company in 1943. Today, our technology is being applied in a wide range of fields including F1 machines, IndyCar machines, MotoGP machines, environmentally-friendly downsized engines, and aerospace instruments.

  • F1, IndyCar Engine

    F1, IndyCar Engine

    KOGANEI's high-precision components for the engine, the heart of the racing machine, show true strength on the circuit in races all over the world.
  • Automotive Engine

    Automotive Engine

    The global competition for next-generation electric cars concerning low gasoline consumption is as high as ever. KOGANEI's components, which are of the world's highest quality, are used in such cars.
  • Motorcycle Engine

    Motorcycle Engine

    KOGANEI's high-precision components are also incorporated into two-wheel machine engines that require a high-level of performance for lightness, durability, and balance.
  • Aircraft engine

    Aircraft engine

    In order to accomplish flights with a higher level of safety, KOGANEI's precision machining technology is used for the machining of components for aeroplane engines, which require the highest level of technology and reliability.
  • Machining


    Effectively use over 120 precision NC machines. KOGANEI's high-precision machining technology has been trusted by the world’s top manufacturers.
  • Programming


    Programming technology supports precision machining. Koganei effectively uses feedback from the entire machining process in our programming.
  • Measurement


    The high-precision components that KOGANEI makes undergo vigorous testing process with high-precision measurement technology, and we guarantee that only the highest quality components are delivered to our customer.