Maebashi Factory


Haruna Factory


Maebashi factory and Haruna factory facilities introduction

Machining the aluminum castings such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, and transmissions.
We are adept at the precision machining of small-to-large-sized complicated engine components directly from metal blocks.

Introduction of some of the facilities in operation in our Maebashi factory and Haruna factory.

Manufacturing Process : Five-axis machining
Manufacturer : YASDA

High-speed simultaneous five-axis machining equipment, boasting the world’s highest level of precision.

Manufacturing Process : Five-axis machining
Manufacturer : YASDA

Large-capacity five-axis machining. Ideal for manufacturing the main components of an engine. Ultra-precision machinery that minimizes thermal changes in the machine body.

Manufacturing Process : Machining
Manufacturer : MITSUI SEIKI

This is a vertical simultaneous five-axis machining equipment.

Manufacturing Process : Inspection
Manufacturer : ZEISS

The world’s leading 3D measurement instrument, manufactured by ZEISS.