Endless pursuit of the world's highest level of precision.

For more than half a century, we Koganei Seiki Co, Ltd have contributed to the development of the precision manufacturing business that has symbolized Monozukuri (unique Japanese manufacturing style) in Japan. Our top class machined products are manufactured using machining centers, grinding and turning machines, and precision measurement instruments, and have the highest reputation both domestically and internationally.
The development speed of the world’s leading automotive makers only accelerates, and never decelerates.
There has been escalating competition in the next-generation electric car industry for achieving a lower fuel consumption through downsized engines.

Our products are now used in a significantly higher percentage of racing scenes around the world, such as the F1, which fascinates Europe and the rest of the world, the Indianapolis 500, which is the US's top automobile race, and the MotoGP, which has seen increasing popularlity in Southeast Asia as well as Europe.
It is not too much to say that our specialty in manufacturing crankshafts, camshafts, cylinder heads, and cylinder blocks holds the key to successful engine downsizing.

In addition, the recent growing demand for aircraft is expanding our business opportunities in the field of large-scale machining of aircraft jet engine parts. Our machining technology for heat-resistant alloys such as titanium and INCONEL is highly appreciated by our customers.

However, under this ever-changing environment, we have been catering to our customers since the establishment of company and are able to deliver high precision parts with short lead-time.
We utilize all our effort into achieving the world’s highest precision.
We deliver the parts as specified by our customers , on time and at reasonable price.
We continue to move ahead at full power with various preparations and efforts to ensure that we can meet these basic yet crucial requirements.

Yusuke Kamoshita